As a client or customer of WSI-eMarketing we really value your feedback.

If you could take the time to complete some feedback either on the form that pops up when you refresh this page or by clicking on this link to leave feedback on our 'Google My Business' page we'd be really grateful.  It should only take a few seconds.

The tyre of feedback we're looking for (and you might find this helpful as I never know what to write if someone asks me for feedback!0 is:

  • Where di you first hear about us?
  • What was the challange you had that you'd hoped we might be able to help with?
  • What was it like working together to either help fix any issues or take advantage of opportunities?
  • What did we do together (e.g. build website, help with marketing, like SEO, PPC, eMail/Remarketing, other areas like Reputation Management etc)
  • Are you pleased with the results seen since working together
  • If you were talking to other business owners/leaders like yourself, would you recommend they speak to WSI-eMarketing to see if we could help?
Many thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback, it really is very much appreciated.
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