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The type of thing we are looking for is:

  • What was the business challenge that first brought you to WSI? (these are typically things like; needing to increase sales, reduce cost of acquisition, break into new markets, increase cross sales, increase customer loyalty or improve/protect your online reputation).
  • How has WSI helped you achieve your business goals and what has the end result been? 
  • As a result of working with us (perhaps on a one off project) would you use us again?
  • If you are still working with us, would you recommend other business owners or senior people to engage with WSI to help them achieve their online business goals?
  • And finally, is there anything else you'd like to say - for instance areas of online marketing techniques you're not sure about or would like to find out more now, without making too much commitment or risk? (e.g.. acquire more knowledge on before investing any money in, like Social Media, Mobile/Text marketing, effective email marketing etc).

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