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Working closely withe The Alliance of Independent Agencies

WSI-eMarketing is Proud to be Sharpspring's UK Partner working closely with and a member of The Alliance of Independent Agencies.

Who is The Alliance of Independent Agencies?

Independent Agencies are a unique and special group of businesses and people; connected by their independent spirit, ideals and purpose, not simply their service offering. To be independent is something very unique, and very important in today’s evolving creative economy.

While the marketing landscape gets ever more complicated, one fact remains perfectly simple – the best ideas come from independent minds.

And in a world that asks more of businesses and brands than ever before, it’s the risk-takers and the game-changers that are best placed to do work that is impossible to ignore.

These attributes are the DNA of the independent agency community.

And it is building on this DNA that the Alliance of Independent Agencies exists to support the Independent Agency Community to:

  • Thrive at the heart of the UK’s entrepreneurial creative economy
  • Become the first choice for ambitious brands and marketers looking for the best ideas to transform their businesses
  • Celebrate their creativity, agility and ability to flourish irrespective of economic or social disruption

WSI-eMarketing became members of The Alliance in Oct 2020 and having worked closely with Sharpspring for many years were proud also to become Sharpspring's Agency Partner for the UK, working closely with The Alliance to share the benefits of effective Marketing Automation with fellow members of the Alliance.

Why Sharpspring?

There are many SaaS solutions out there which cover the CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation space. A few 'low-cost' options and many expensive options too!

However, there are few that had their whole business model focused on not only 'end-client' success but also of equal importance 'Agency Success'.

This article expresses some of the reasons WSI-eMarketing chose Sharpspring as it's preferred Partner for Marketing Automation all those years ago, and together we have continued to grow profitably and help our clients achieve their growth and profitability expectations at the same time.

Sharspring also became a partner of The Alliance in 2020 - check-out why Sharspring built their entire company around marketing agencies by watching this short video.



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