Learn how Social Media Can Transform Your Selling Strategies 

  • Are you looking for new and innovative ways to increase your sales pipeline?

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  • Do you want to outperform your competitors?

If you answered yes to these questions, it may be time to ditch your cold calling scripts and re-evaluate your current, more “traditional” selling tactics.

In this competitive market, Social Selling, or the utilisation of social media for lead generation, is where today's most successful sales professionals have been directing their focus. Savvy entrepreneurs, CEOs, Directors and Sales Managers recognise that buyers often start their purchasing journey online. Therefore, investing resources into Social Selling can be a powerful tool to acquire new customers and expand revenue streams. Also read this article with a 7-Step Framework To Generate More Quality Leads Online.

More importantly, the buying process is happening with or without you and your sales staff. If your sales reps are not online and leveraging social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to build and promote their personal sales expertise and online network, they could be losing out on many potential sales opportunities they didn't even know were there.

Introducing The WSI Social Selling Mastery Programme 

At WSI-eMarketing, we want to help you and your team learn how to create value in the ever-competitive social buying cycle. We will show you how transforming the way you sell can provide valuable insight throughout a buyer’s journey--helping your company win more business!

Attempting to jump into the digital sphere of social selling can feel intimidating. But with WSI-eMarketing's Social Selling Programme, any sales professional will have the tools they need to make an impact and increase revenue!

Our comprehensive training covers FOUR essential areas:

1. Establishing your Personal Brand

To become an expert in Social Selling, the initial step is establishing your personal brand. You must have a reliable and distinguished digital presence to make positive impressions on potential customers. This Programme will provide guidance on how to craft and enhance your LinkedIn profile, build a dependable online reputation and create a unique selling proposition that differentiates you from others.

2. Finding the Right Prospects

Step two involves pinpointing the right individuals who are most likely to purchase your products. In this module, you will learn how to employ social media tools and practices in order to recognise and address your target customers, build prospect lists and rely on data-driven methods when attempting outreach efforts.

3. Engaging and Building Relationships

After you've identified the right prospects, it's time to connect with them and cultivate these relationships. We will demonstrate how you can utilise social media to initiate valuable conversations, offer helpful advice, and build trust and credibility. You will also learn how leveraging LinkedIn Groups and other pertinent engagement strategies can help further nurture your connections while generating loyal clients in the long-term.

4. Building a Winning Sales Strategy

The final step to success is to create a solid sales strategy and our training will provide you with all the tools you need. You will learn how social media can assist in researching prospects, create an individualised outreach plan and use data tracking to adjust your tactics for maximum effectiveness. We will also guide you on leveraging your personal brand and network of contacts so that more referrals come rolling in through repeat business.

Why Choose WSI-eMarketing Social Selling Mastery Programme?

Our programme is designed to provide you with practical, actionable insights and strategies that you can immediately apply to your sales process. We understand that every salesperson is different, which is why we tailor our Programme content to your specific goals and learning objectives. It covers the following:

  • Customised programme content tailored to your goals and learning objectives
  • Recordings for future reference
  • Assignments to reinforce learning
  • Training sessions conducted by experienced sales professionals who have achieved tremendous success using social selling
  • Group approach to reinforce adoption and shared assignments

If you are ready to take your selling strategies to the next level and generate more leads, please contact us on 01453 542761 or send us an email at Enquiries@WSI-eMarketing.com

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