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Direct Your Own Video Marketing

Entertainment comes in many forms, but it’d be hard to argue against movies and TV shows as the leading form of pop-culture entertainment over the last 50 years. Maybe it’s because video combines other mediums, like music, sound and writing into one super escape from reality. Whatever the case, moving pictures have and will continue to captivate us.

Okay okay, movies are cool, but how can video marketing help your business? If you need evidence of the power of video marketing, look no further than YouTube. Millions of videos are shared, linked to, and embedded in every corner of the Internet. People love watching videos, especially if they’re funny or informative (and if they’re both, you’ve got a real winner on your hands).

The Power of Video

Video marketing capitalizes on the YouTube craze and gives businesses a popular medium to showcase their products or services, nudge customers in the direction of a purchase, help their SEO efforts and build an army of brand advocates. If businesses aren’t trying to create informative or useful videos with a twist of humor and character, they’re missing out on a powerful way to engage their customers and increase conversions.

We provide a full range of services.  Everything from simply taking some still images and turning them into a video that you can upload to your YouTube Channel to get on 'page one of Google' - to full video production (including filming, editing, voice over the sound track work) - compressing, and uploading to your YouTube Channel and embedding within your website.

Top 6 reasons why you should consider having a video:

  1. The Sight, Sound, Color and Excitement of Video impacts RECALL. People remember only 10% of what they read, but recall more that 50% of what they see and hear!

  2. Video helps boost SEO- the search engines now put a big emphasis on well optimized videos (Forrester says they are 50x more likely to be on page one of Google) 

  3. The price of an online marketing video is the same or less as a local TV commercial, only you don’t have to buy the airtime! And it is longer- so you have an opportunity to tell more about your business. More for your money! 

  4. TV is a passive medium, but with the internet they are actually looking for you. And if you do advertise on TV, the first thing they will do is look up your website online. 

    •    You do not want to re-purpose your TV commercial on your site for that reason, and because the online approach is like visiting your home or office-you want your website video approach to be warm and connective. 

    •    They are there to learn more about your business. And they don’t want to just read about it!

  5. The video is an investment that has multiple usages. It can be used for your website, for your social media, in email links to potential clients and on other popular websites- making this an invaluable online marketing tool. 

    •    Unlike other local production companies- WSI productions includes putting your videos in streaming video players (that don’t use bandwidth on your site) and can be optimised with key words, descriptions etc.

    •    Plus we distribute them on popular video sites for you to further boost your online presence for a comprehensive overall solution or simply create you own YouTube Channel with your own branding.

  6. Why would you want to make your own video?- Just like you would not drill your own teeth, you'd go to a dentist- the same is true with producing videos- you want them to be done professionally. 

    •    This is your online branding and image. Just like if you went to a company’s website and it had misspelled words, it would reflect poorly on the business- the same is true if you have bad lighting, sound, or composition. 

    •    And what most people don’t know, is the real work is in the editing. That is where choosing the right selects, the timing, the music etc. makes a big difference. This is your online image- so you want it to be dynamic!

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