Social Media Marketing

Want to quickly started with social media or feel you need to re-evaluate what’s already in place? Then our Social Media Management Plan could be for you -This is what we'll do, we'll:

  • Analyse your current social media presence (you have one if you didn't think you had!) – to determine what’s working and what isn’t

  • Create a strategy that takes into account your branding, website, blogs and current marketing plans (charged as a stand alone half day consultation unless there is a 12 month contact in place)

  • Create and Implement a WordPress based blog that drives traffic to your website or, (if you already have one), integrate it fully with your 3 chosen Social Media (the hub for creating regular updated content online which is vital as on the web 'Content IS King!')  ... Cont'd below video


For more idea and information about Social Media Marking take a look at these additional resources.

Or if you want to talk to somebody about how to do use social media marketing m effective then get in touch today 01453 542761

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