The above is an example of a widget that allows you to inject your Louder Voice review just about anywhere you like across all your on-line presences.  For example, in a website side column, as here, on your blog, Facebook etc.

Louder  Voice allows you to collect reviews on-line, or speak to your customers over the phone and gather feedback that way.  It's indexed by Google and you have full control, the reviews won't be published until you're approved them if you like.

You can also reply to the reviews publicly which is great.

All of this for just £32.50+vat per month.

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Local SEO is much more than traditional link building, these days Google+ Local in particular needs almost daily management, building citations AND more importantly customer 5 star feedback!  Today, opinions are easily shared through the proliferation of networking sites, forums, blog sites, chat-rooms and other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. These social media platforms are also being used by business organizations to connect with their clients and attract new potential clients. 

However, nothing prevents your company from being the target of a negative note. Social media can really affect the reputation of a company. The buzz may be good or bad, but a strategy to interact directly with customers on the Internet and to respond to their enquirers, is absolutely invaluable.

If you want someone to help you manage your ORM, increase those 5 star ratings and reduce the risk of anyone damaging your reputation, then WSI works hard with it's clients to achieve just that!

Social media is designed to be spread through social interaction and create publishing techniques that can be scalable and easy-to-use. The characteristic of social media is that it can excite others to repeat information. This can be done instantly through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MSN, etc. 


It is crucial to listen to what is being said online, even if it is negative. Listening creates the opportunity to take action and resolve internal problems or deal with malicious information, both of which can negatively influence a company’s brand image and reputation.  

WSI works hard with it's clients to maximize the benefits that these new Social Technologies bring whilst minimizing the risks.
  • Customer Service Network
  • Vital Customer Feedback
  • Louder Voice

Professionally Gathered Feedback

Even the most satisfied customers sometimes forget to leave a review, it’s natural.

By having a trained customer service professional contact particular customers or clients to seek feedback you can ensure those positive experiences can be highlighted for all to see.

You control who is contacted, what questions are asked and where these reviews are placed. A 5 minute call with a professional will leave a customer feeling valued, a new review generated and more Social Proof for you, minimum fuss and maximum result.

Working with the CSN and we have created a system whereby once the review content has been collected and turned into written feedback it is emailed to the customer and can be shared to Facebbok, Yelp, Google etc all with a single click.

  • Ensure a minimum amount of new reviews per month with outbound calling
  • Customer Service Professionals know how to deal with your customers
  • Make a customer feel valued
  • Full control of questions and format
  • Receive engagement rates dozens of times higher than email review requests
  • Decide when each customer is contacted for maximum success

Find your Brand's voice, talk to your customers and let them know that a couple of positive sentences from them can have real impact on your business and help bring the service they obviously value to more people.

Vital Customer Feedback

Why is customer feedback becoming increasingly vital to effective internet marketing?

Well, you only have to look at two things to realise why if you are selling a product or a service online that you ignore this at your peril:

  1. Human behavior - Most people check out independent 3rd party opinion if they can, especially if they haven't heard of you before, and this heavily influences their buying decision. You only have to think about why eBay killed off most other online auction sites - it was the quality of their customer/supplier feedback mechanism.
  2. How search engines are promoting customer feedback - They are aggregating 'customer reviews' where ever they are available (just look at hotels!). Why? To both provide the best 'quality results' to the searcher and kill off the other aggregation sites (like Money Supermarket). Why would you go there if 100% of the market was presented by Google (rather than a selected number of companies) where you could compare independently their feedback.

So, get an edge over your competition, increase your sales conversion rates and improve your Search Engine Optimisation all at the same time, and set up your own customer feedback mechanism via Louder Voice today. To find out more click on the next tab above..

We Do The Leg Work

Unfortunately people don't get up in the morning and think "I must leave those guys a review!"

However, in the UK at least, people are generally nice and when we call them up and ask for some feedback and a 5 star rating on your behalf, your customers & clients are happy to oblige. And it's having those reviews that can have such an influence on whether they get in touch or buy from you.

(Stop Press News: For those with low volume of monthly feedback (e.g. non eCommerce) rather than paying £49+vat per month to have this fantastic, 3rd party 5 star rating system [indexed by Google] on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media Accounts, you can now get it through us for just £39 pm (and that includes vat!)

LouderVoice provides a customer Review & Rate solution which can be embedded on any web-site as a widget. It provides the following proven benefits for web-site owners serious about their online activity:

  • Increased sales conversion
  • Invaluable customer feedback
  • Distributed marketing on Facebook and Twitter
  • Distinct SEO boost
  • On-site reviews have been shown to improve sales conversions by up to 40%.
  • No single element drives web sales like personal recommendations.
  • A 2009 Nielsen survey, the largest of its kind, shows that 70 percent of Internet consumers worldwide trust consumer opinions posted online
  • Forrester Research survey tells us that 34% of online merchants say social media marketing increases sales.
  • Facebook Connect and Twitter integration turns customers into evangelists for brands on the two leading social media platforms
  • All reviews are also shown in summary form on with links to client site, providing a clear organic SEO benefit

Return on Investment

  • Did sales conversions improve?
  • Has organic search engine traffic increased?
  • Has the number of referrals from other sites increased? Particularly those traceable to
  • Have there been more mentions of your brand via reviews on Twitter or Facebook?
  • Were any of the comments posted by a customer useful to your organization or instrumental in you making a change in policy, price or syntax?
  • Finally, was any of the above or the combination of the all worth a small monthly fee?
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