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As part of our Internet Marketing services portfolio, we offer a comprehensive Email Marketing service, covering everything from Web based email and database systems through to Graphic design, copy writing and campaign management.


What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is extremely effective (when executed correctly) and so inexpensive that an entire industry has emerged to support it. As a counterpart to traditional direct mail, it offers unprecedented targeting capabilities allowing you to customise your messages to appeal to different groups of customers for much higher response rates.

Email is engagement marketing. Getting readers to open your message takes just 2 seconds, but this can be helped along with email subscribers who are expecting it. Those who signed up to receive the email, did so with a reliable and known source.

Did you know...?

83% of email is not delivered due to poor sender reputation (Return Path, 2012)

67% of all email is sent as spam (Symantic, 2012)

28% of B2B email isn't arriving in the inbox (The Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2011)


To ensure that your message isn't missed, and to increase your mailing list, integrate email with social media. People are far more likely to do business with you if they feel they know you, and social media makes this possible.

Rules and Principles

There are even rules and principles of email marketing and social media. This is why each message which your business sends out needs to be targeted, effective and relevant. 

Now, never or later

Every email, Facebook post or tweet is automatically filtered by viewers on when they will/ or not open the content. Everyone is busy so you have just 3 seconds to compel an open. 

The 2-2-2 principle

You have 2 seconds to compel an open email or post, the first 2 words to make them want to read the message (at this point it is 'now or never' for your message), and, why does this email/ message matter today? 

The 5x5 rule

You should post 5 links to any article you publish from at least five different social media outlets. 
So this could be: Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest


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About Constant Contact

Through their unique combination of online marketing tools and free personalized coaching, Constant Contact helps small businesses, associations, and nonprofits connect and engage with their next great customer, client, or member.

Launched in 1998, Constant Contact has long championed the needs of small organizations, providing them with an easy and affordable way to create and build successful, lasting customer relationships.

With leading services on offer to include email marketingsocial media marketing, event marketing, online surveys, personalized coaching and award-winning product support, it's no wonder that Constant Contact can help all types of small businesses and organizations find new customers, drive repeat business, and generate referrals.



In partnership 

Constant Contact has not only been a trusted partner of WSI eMarketing for over 10 years, but is also trusted by more than 500, 000 small businesses. 

This is because Constant Contact helps drive success.

WSI eMarketing offer full consulting support services.  Everything from setting up Constant Contact for you, uploading and cleaning your contacts database, designing a custom branded template for you so you can manage the campaigns yourself,  right through to managing all your campaigns for you.  

The tools

Social Share: This is embedded into the Constant Contact services, which increases engagement and is one of the most powerful buttons around in terms of real marketing. 

To discover the real results of using Social Share, check out the GetResponse report.

Key finds of the report was that the number of users who include social sharing buttons in their emails increased from 18.3% to 29.4%. Compared to last year’s results, that’s an increase of 61%

What’s exciting is the very high performance  for newsletters that include social sharing buttons. Those emails had an average click-through-rate (CTR) 158% higher than emails that didn’t include social sharing.

Forward: Just like Social Share, this tool increases word-of-mouth online. It is a feature which is also embedded into the many services which Constant Contact has to offer, so your business has the opportunity to extend the reach of your communications.

QR codes: This is a tool which can help to grow a quality, permission based email list. Constant Contact have the tools to help create the QR codes, and promote the usage across the variety of services on offer

Text-to-join: This list building tool allows someone to join an email list by texting a simple code to a number.

Analysing key metrics: It is only through analyis that your business can determine the effectiveness of your communications. A Constant Contact report of the overall summary of results can give a high-level view of goals and the level of appeal by identifying key metrics (open rates, click through rates, forwards and shares).

So, what is the benefit of using Constant Contact for your email marketing?

It's about helping your business be visible to others. It's about leveraging a sphere of influnce. And, perhaps most importantly, it's about bring in new business.

To break it down, here are 5 reasons why you should be using Constant Contact for your SME:

1. Strong brand reputation. 

2. Tailored product suite

3. Analyse of key metrics

4. Customizable templates

5. List building tools


Key features

  • The time and cost of conducting marketing activities is reduced. Did you know that one more productive hour is worth at least £65 to 95% of business owners? 

  • Can manage and maintain the customer experience. SME's have an advantage over larger businesses when it comes to email and social media because, as individuals, theycan represent the business in a big way

  • Product suite is tailored to SME's. Small businesses and not-for-profit organisations have the advanatge over big businesses because you become the face of your business. It's all about building a relationship with your customers.

Get a free trial of Constant Contact here or contact us on 01454 261111 if you want more help. 


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