Paid Search Solutions That Drive Traffic

Paid Search Solutions , also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be an extremely effective method of increasing Website traffic, either when used in support of organic Search Engine Optimisation or when used to promote specific items or offers.

A Little Of This And A Little Of That


With PPC, text ads are displayed on search engine results pages when a specific key phrase is entered by the searcher. A fee is paid by you whenever a searcher clicks on the Ad and is directed to your Website. According to VeriSign, over 1 million new website addresses are registered every month - that's over 40,000 per day. How do consumers find their way through all these sites? The answer is search engines

Compared to Search Engine Optimisation alone, Pay per Click does have some particular advantages:You have a Placement Guarantee - rankings are controlled by the amount you are willing to pay



For Pay per Click to be really effective, each Ad should have a specific page (as opposed to the Home page) which refers directly to the subject matter of the Ad. For example an Ad referring to a special event – an Open Day say  - should click through to an Open Day page  which is directly associated to the Ad. From there the visitor can go to other parts of the site. These special Website pages are referred to as 

Landing Pages.

  • PPC has a fast implementation time - you can have your text ads promoting your business in as little as 24 hours whereas organic Search Engine Optimisation may take many months to become fully effective

  • The cost is directly controllable - you pay only for the number of clicks or visitors that click on your text ad and come to your website.

  • The implementation is relatively easy – there is no need to worry about the complexities of website coding, content and link building which are required for organic Search Engine Optimisation. 

A PPC campaign needs active management. For it to be really effective and value for money, it should not be set off and left to its own devices. We actively manage 

Pay Per Click

 campaigns to ensure that you get the best possible return (the most clicks) for your money.

Pay Per Click

 advertising is most successful when used as part of an integrated Internet Marketing System – 

so be wary of spending lots of money on Pay per Click Ads which may attract visitors to a Website that has a poor conversion rate!

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