The average text message is read within 7 seconds of being received. With the new and evolving Text Marketing platforms available to you through WSI-eMarketing you can not only send and receive text messages but also attach files, vouchers and create SMS-Email gateways. 

Create and send texts from your desktop or Mobile with a dedicated App and reach 500 people for less then £5. Text Marketing offers a relatively unique and rarely used platform for customer interaction. You have the ability to send in bulk or to send specialised and segmented messages fully equipped to handle video, audio and other attachments. Text Marketing is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction and make people feel valued in a way more intimate and effective than email. The almost instantaneous opening and digestion of the sent message lends itself perfectly to follow-ups, thanks and special offers.

Text Marketing has a multitude of applications across a wide variety of industries. Retail, Education, Hospitality, Financial Services and many more. We've created a blog series dedicated to Text Marketing explaining exactly how it works and what applications it has to various industries. 

We've got a whole range of resources full of information on Text Marketing the first of which can be 

Downloaded for Free here.

Ensure everyone reads your info in seconds!

  • Send text messages online

  • Receive text messages online

  • Attach files to texts

  • Attach forms and surveys to texts

  • Create mobile web pages

  • Mobile Apps

  • Send and receive MMS pictures and audio

We've written several articles on how to use Text Messaging within different industries

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If you have any questions about our Text Marketing services please don't hesitate to contact us and make further enquiries. 

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