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Northsound Ltd

Northsound Ltd 

Northsound Ltd has been running as a business for many years and is a successful and expanding business.

The owners wanted to take advantage of wider opportunities presenting themselves and expand into new and larger markets. A key element that would impact their ability to do so was their website which they felt was dated and no longer accurately reflected their services and offerings. It did not showcase their work capabilities effectively and it was also not mobile friendly; something which has become essential as major decision makers often view things whilst on the go. 

Recognising that their website was their ‘shop window’ and often the first impression for larger clients, Northsound Ltd came to WSI eMarketing to help. 

Having discussed their business objectives, we sat down with Northsound to discuss the things they liked about their existing site and what they wanted to achieve from their new site.  They had just had their staff clothing and equipment branded as well as their fleet vehicles, so it was important that the existing brand and colours were accurately reflected in the new site.

The Solution

A fully responsive website that clearly conveys the work capabilities and values of Northsound Ltd. 
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