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IN'n'OUT Centres - Client Case Study Video
Best National Group - IN'n'OUT Centres


Best Digital Marketing Solution 'People Choice'


IN'n'OUT Centres Ltd

When IN'n'OUT Centres first approached us the immediate challenge was to review their digital marketing strategy in light of several large quotes to reconfigure their websites, to not only allow for online booking of car service and MOT, but also to integrate with the future ERP system.

The first engagement was for consultancy and coaching support to help their marketing manager complete competitor, market and bench-marking analysis of their digital marketing strategy and produce a 12 month fully costed implementation plan.

The business goals were to increase customer retention, cross sales and new customer growth in parallel with their aggressive expansion plan for new centres across the UK over the next 2 years

Advice around landing page design and the use of a 'Design Competition' for the development of an updated design for their ‘soon to be’ redeveloped site through their existing developers along with advice with regard to land page design and Calls To Action (CTAs).

Initial review and advice on how to improve the measurement and tracking of ROI relating to their existing paid search and organic campaigns.  

This led to WSI Paid Search being asked to take over management of their paid search campaigns, including display re-marketing.
We immediately implemented conversion tracking via online enquiries, and sales tracking via Response Tap for telephone enquiries.  This not only helped us to better optimise the campaigns, but also identified a number of operational improvements which should also have a positive impact on sales results over time.

In addition we recommended their Google Composite listings (across all their centres) were enhanced with professionally shot photography and virtual tours (Google approved).

We provided advice and guidance around content marketing to build a following and nurture prospects. We also provided Hootsuite Enterprise licenses so that they could better manage their social marketing.

We also trained and provided ongoing support to their Affiliate Sales BDMs to leverage "Social Selling" .

In 2017 an fully integrated content marketing plan is being implemented to drive social engagement and SEO benefits.

Their online presences are already mobile friendly, but we also introduced them to a Text Marketing platform to enable embedding of clickable "booking links" (which were also trackable) to  provide a smoother and easier to manage interface.

Full Digital marketing Solution:

The starting point was the full Digital Marketing Strategy (based on coaching the Digital Manager through the process of completing competitor and market analysis, with a 12 month marketing implementation plan), broken down into 90 day deliverables.  

These included all of the above (site | search |social | mobile), in addition to which their on-line reputation was an immediate priority.  Their own internal customer questionnaires showed very good results, but unfortunately none of this was visible publicly.  We helped them quickly implement a detailed programme across all their centres, which will of course also have a big impact over time on enquiry rates and conversion rates across all the above digital marketing strategies. (e.g. via building their Reputation Score AND spreading this across Google, Facebook, Yell, Trusted Trader and many more 3rd party sites).

Finally, as a short term measure to both improve their email marketing and CRM capability we helped them implement a Marketing Automation system.

Not only would this provide an immediate CRM (for all those contacts for whom we had an email) but would also allow us to automate the reminder processes for those contacts, building in an easier to use interface for text marketing reminders as well.  


Whilst business results are obviously commercially sensitive, it is true to say that many of the implemented strategies have not only delivered the anticipated uplift in performance in key areas of the business (e.g. paid search and organic / Google My Business performance) but those in the public domain like Reputation Score means that some centres have already achieved "Best in Class" in their local geography and IN'n'OUT Centres Nationally are fast approaching that status. They were recently awarded  "Best National Group 2016" in the WhoCanFixMyCar 2016 awards.

Not only that, but at the end of 2016 this client project Won the Top Prize "Best Digital Marketing Solution"  in the Global 'People's Choice Awards' in Toronto, Canada.

The submission summary said:

"This case study demonstrates how, when WSI is able to work in partnership with an ambitious client, and a methodical approach is adopted to complete a full competitor and market analysis before developing the full Digital Marketing Strategy, implementation can be swift.

It is through our combined focus on more accurate measurement of the component parts of a successful marketing strategy that we have together not only implemented what was planned, but have found other opportunities to improve operations across sales and marketing (including measuring offline marketing such as leaflet drops around new centre opening and ‘out of hours’ telephone sales lead handling).

Finally, I believe it demonstrates that WSI achieves best results for a client when working in ‘partnership’ to help achieve results across all the critical metrics, rather than focusing as a ‘supplier’ delivering just one part of that strategy."

Simon, The CEO was asked to comment on the award submission only a few months into the implementation and when he was asked "In your opinion, why is this project deserving of a People’s Choice Award?" replied:

"IN’n’OUT were introduced to WSI in the best possible way. We were referred by a business partner who had had a very positive experience in terms of a complete digital marketing overhaul.

Of course, one always wonders whether the experience will be as good as hoped following such a positive reference. Happily, this has turned out to be the case on a number of levels:

The methodology adopted by WSI in completing the competitor, market and existing campaign analysis was understandable, useful and ultimately productive.

The collaboration between WSI and IN’n’OUT’s own marketing team was successful. WSI did an excellent job in terms of championing the implementation and training our colleagues in new marketing tools.

Positive results have already been seen and the number of bookings we receive through digital marketing has significantly increased. Long may it continue!

As a result of our experience I would be very happy to refer other businesses to WSI. All in all they are now a trusted supplier partner to IN’n’OUT".

Simon Gaunt CEO
Simon Gaunt

IN'n'OUT Centres Ltd

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