Response Tap!

Call tracking and analytics tool

Response Tap is essentially a tracking service, which bridges the gap between website page visits and telephone conversations. The technology provides businesses, agencies and the performance market the chance to gain insight on every website user by producing comprehensive reports via the tracking facilities.

How does it work?

In order for the tracking service to work, each web page visitor is assigned a unique telephone number for the entire time they are on your website. This means that when they call, you know exactly which visitor is calling. As such, this visitor data and phone call is linked to provide you with rich, actionable data.

Data collection and segmentation

The Response Tap call tracking service is designed to collect data as accurately as possible. The software tracks the page viewer for the entire time they are visiting your web page, providing you with all the information you need to accurately connect your web visitors to their phone calls.

This data will automatically be segmented by detecting patterns in the data, data such as call volume, call duration, call location and so on.


The abilities of the tracking service can also report on every key word, advert, referring website and the click which motivates visitors to pick up the phone and call. What's more, once the service has initially been set up, all these abilities are done automatically for you.

The reporting suite enables you to view these calls to your business in a variety of ways which can help you improve your marketing ROI. Key features include:

  • Dashboard provides you a snapshot of the phone call and the visitor data to help you quickly identify trends. Your call handling and over all performance can also be reviewed over time.
  • Call volume quickly identifies your best performing campaigns and the areas of spend that are less productive.
  • Call duration indicates the traffic sources (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google PPC and direct traffic) which have often generated more meaningful conversations- better quality leads generally come from those longer conversations
  • Call log provides you with individual call records of every call, including campaign and traffic source information, what keyword search they used and whether the call resulted in a lead or a sale. Also, by clicking on the highlighted visitor ID, this gives you access to the visitor history report.
  • Visitor history report shows you the interactions of each website visitor who calls your business. You can track which web pages they visited before, during and after each phone call and how they found your website. It also shows which pages motivated the to pick up the phone, their location and the value of the call. Additionally, you will be able to determine your regular visitors who are interested in what your business is offer by the suites ability to track multiple repeat visits.

Use this insightful tracking service to create a better focus and approach for your marketing strategy.

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