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Why You Need To Enter The Wonderful World of Display Ads

Many Digital Marketers are caught up with keeping a customer on their site, when they leave you've lost them! Research shows that 47% of revenue doesn't come from first time visits. As a brand you need to be there at the right moment, the moment of impulse to purchase. That isn't always the same time that a potential customer is on your website. 

Utilising retargeting you can be there at those moments of impulse. Traditional Display Ads return very low value for the amount of impressions they make, this isn't true with retargeted Display Ads. Your ads will only be seen by the people you decide to target and that have already shown an interest in your product or product area.

  • Packed full of Stats making the case for Display Ads and Retargeting
  • Specific Social Media Ads section
  • Psychology behind successful Display Ads
  • Explanation of the 'Zero Moment of Truth'
  • Lots of links for further reading on specific subjects picked by professionals 

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