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Boost Restaurant Bookings using SMS texts


Mobile vouchers and loyalty card are here to increase bookings, orders and sales for your restaurant. Eliminating printing and distribution costs of traditional paper voucher and cards, Text Messaging is a great asset to stand out from the competition.

Fill in the form and download the Papa John's and Shelly's Restaurant Case Studies, and our two Text Marketing Guides for Restaurants.

Inside you will learn

  • How to boost food and drink orders and sales,  and increase restaurant bookings and customer loyalty with mobile tickets, vouchers and loyalty cards

  • How Shelly's Restaurant received more than £400 worth of bookings within 5 hours of sending a promotional offer via SMS.

  • How Papa John's SMS activity increased sales growth over 3 days by 31.7% 

  • How mobile messaging can work for you, whether you work in a restaurant, bar, café, club, hotel or fast food establishment.




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