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Can You Outsmart The Competition

 With Mobile Messaging?

Direct, immediate and simple, SMS marketing allows you to get your message out and read : 97% of text messages read within 5 seconds! A cost effective way to generate leads, boost sales, reward your loyal customers... 

10 Smart Ideas You Need To Know

Gaining competitive advantage in your target market is a key challenge for every marketer. With so many tools available, it's hard to understand the tactics that work for each medium.

It’s all about delivering valuable and relevant information, exclusive vouchers, hyperlinks to campaign landing pages with full automation and CRM integration. The right message, at the right time, that's every Marketers goal. Text Marketing let's you know almost down to the second when your customer will read your message, it's a huge leap forward from email!


In this guide, we provide you with 10 smart mobile marketing ideas that will help you acquire and retain more customers than ever using SMS.

  • Multi-channel promotions and Content Marketing
  • Vouchers, rewards, offers and information
  • Last minute offers you can be sure customers will see
  • Pinpoint accuracy on the timing of Marketing messages
  • Vast array of personalisation for the customer's journey
  • Integrate as part of a multi-channel Marketing plan to see huge ROI
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