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Mobile Marketing - The Little Book of Numbers

It's all about the numbers...

It's all about the numbers in mobile marketing. Pepare to be impressed with how they stack up.

What's inside?

You've probably seen some of the statistics we quote about the power of Text Marketing;

  • 97.5% of messages are read less than 10 seconds after being received
  • Response rate 1000% higher than Direct Mail
  • Success stories with an ROI of over 2000%

Inside this booklet you'll find numbers and stats pertaining to Text Marketing showcasing the potential of it as a part of your Marketing Strategy. 

It's also packed full of testimonials from household names that our partners have helped with their Text Marketing efforts, these include;

English National opera


Manchester United FC

It's not just big brands that can benefit from the power of Text Marketing. An almost non-existent barrier to entry along with the versatility of the platform means a business of any size can make use of Text Marketing.

Download your Whitepaper and see for yourself.

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