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Boost MOT & Repair Bookings

with SMS

Using SMS to send your customers mobile vouchers, loyalty programmes and appoinment reminders is an efficient way to bring your garage marketing to the next level. Cheap and easy to use, text messaging can help you

  • Reduce missed appointments
  • Fill empty appointments
  • Boost your MOT and repair bookings
  • Increase customer loyalty

Fill in the form and download the Sentinel Volvo and the MOT Shop Case Studies, and our Text Marketing Guide with all you need to send effective mobile vouchers, tickets and loyalty cards for your garage.

Inside you will learn

  • How to boost MOT and repair bookings, and increase customers loyalty with mobile tickets, vouchers and loyalty cards.

  • How Sentinel Volvo have sped up by double the process of service bookings with their innovative book-to-text system and SMS service reminders.

  • How the MOT Shop increased MOT bookings since sending out annual reminders. 


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