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Responsive Web Design is No Longer A Choice!



5 years ago a Mobile friendly Website was a choice. In 2016 it is a necessity;

  • More than half of media consumed on the internet is consumed using a Mobile Device
  • Over 50% of emails are first opened on a Mobile Device
  • 45% of eCommerce spend comes from Mobile Devices
  • You have on average only 3 seconds to communicate to your customer the key message of a page


There are two main choices when it comes to a Mobile website. You can either have a separate, dedicated Mobile website. Or you can have a fully Mobile Responsive website. 


Our latest eBook makes the case for Mobile and Mobile Responsive in less than 20 pages. Full of statistics collected from Google, Kissmetrics, The Pew Research Centre and many more. Easily digested it's the perfect document to get you started with Responsive Web Design or to show to your boss to convince them of it's value!

  • Responsive vs Separate
  • Stats on Mobile Usage
  • Stats on device-demographic differences
  • Importance to SEO
  • Importance to PPC

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