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Rob Thomas 

CEO & Chief Digital Officer

Rob lives and breathes Social Technology, Social Media & Mobile Marketing and Reputation Management. 

He will show you how to use them to improve many areas of your bottom line, not just Marketing!

He’ll show you how to enhance and protect your reputation, whilst generating increased sales, reduced costs and improved customer acquisition and retention.

Recognised as an expert in reputation management, digital and mobile marketing, Rob is a professional speaker who regularly speaks in North America and across the EMEA Region.  In addition to consultation services, including the “12 step process to achieve Social Proficiency” programme, Rob also coaches, trains and provides implementation services to help business owners, organisational leaders and their teams. Rob is also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management.
If you want/need Rob to speak at one of your events please contact him directly on his personal mobile 07788916505 or email him at    


Hootsuite Certified Professional  

Nadine Thomas  


Nadine works across the full range of the digital marketing spectrum, but spends more of her time helping clients with their content marketing strategy and content. By it's very nature, content marketing utilises all aspects of a clients online presence, from their website to their social media presence, campaign materials and marketing automation campaigns. And of course, all this has to align and complement their offline marketing efforts. 

As a business owner herself, she understand the needs and motivations of clients when working to generate revenue and increase profitablity. 

In her spare time Nadine is actively involved in her local rugby club where she coaches children's rugby union and has done for 17 years.

If you wish to contact Nadine directly please email her at

Hootsuite Certified Professional

Mandy Baldwin

Digital Marketing Executive

As a Digital Marketing Executive, Mandy bridges the gap between marketing, design, technology and commercial teams. Mandy maintains and optimises the profitability of our international, multi-channel marketing plan. This means coordinating marketing activities, setting up websites and driving traffic. She is required to have outstanding time management, fast learning and good communication skills. 

Mandy's role also involves a small sales aspect, within workshop and conference's. Helping to identify new growth opportunities within existing or new client’s brands. By managing client campaigns, this includes pay per click and social management. Mandy uses analysis and reporting tools such as Google Analytics to help her understand the needs of the clients business and/or brand.

Jacques Van Den Wijngaerd

Digital & Marketing Automation Specialist

Managing Social Selling and Inbound Marketing campaigns utilising as a specialist in SharpSpring MA.

Implementation of new systems and campaigns was central to the role as was training of client-side staff, creating procedures & processes and documenting them. Strategic aspects of the role included developing Digital Marketing plans in two main business environements, Marketing Automation within an existing marketing framework and full scale digital marketing implementation from the ground up.

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